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December 8, 2015
How To Save Money While Traveling This December

AAA predicts that close to 90 million Americans will travel by car for Christmas and other holidays this December. With the holiday season already being an expensive time of year, you may be looking for any opportunity to cut back on spending. Your holiday road trip can be a great place to start. Tuning up your car and traveling smart can save you precious time and money during one of the most stressful travel periods of the year.

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December 8, 2015
Find A Local Soup Kitchen That Needs Your Help

The holidays are a popular time for people to volunteer at soup kitchens or homeless shelters, not just because people wish to give back during the season of giving, but because many parts of the country are experiencing colder temperatures, making homelessness especially difficult. 

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December 5, 2015
Healthy Homemade Treats For The Holidays

The holidays are approaching, which also means a plethora of candies, sugar cookies, candy canes and chocolates at parties and gatherings. There's nothing wrong with a few indulgences around the holidays, but it can be much harder to limit sugar intake for you and your kids with so many sweets around. However, now more than ever is a good time to be conscious of your sugar intake, especially if you've read about this recent study on what cutting sugar does to children's health.

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November 27, 2015
Recycled Bottles For Shoes, Clothing A Big Fashion Trend

Earlier this year, Adidas launched a prototype of a running shoe called the Adidas x Parley. What makes the announcement both unique and exciting is the upper part of shoe is made completely from yarn and filament produced from plastic salvaged from the ocean, as well as fishing nets.

"This way there is no reason why materials with similar characteristics to those that we use every day with conventional production processes cannot be simply replaced by ocean plastic materials," British designer Alexander Taylor told the website Dezeen. "It is really much more a case of working with specialist 'green' chemists and companies such as Bionic textile to build new materials by re-constituting and re-engineering the nets and plastics."

Adidas said that they are looking into other sustainable ways of manufacturing this collection. The company said they plan to launch the concept design into production next year.

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November 24, 2015
4 Things You May Not Know Your Kids Are Eating

Parents work hard to make sure their kids are eating healthy by cooking meals at home when possible, reading labels and limiting the unhealthy snacks they eat. Unfortunately, labels don't always give you a good picture of what's in your kids' food and it's sometimes necessary to dig a little deeper. 

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November 24, 2015
Ways To Give Back, Make A Difference In Tennessee This Thanksgiving

Whether you’re looking to take a break from your family’s Thanksgiving dinner this year or you’d just like to give back to the community and make a difference, there are plenty of ways to impact the lives of others this Thanksgiving. From volunteering your time to donating goods, there is no shortage of ways to make a difference this Thanksgiving. 

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November 24, 2015
Have An Unwanted Car? Donate It To Help Michigan Kids

Whether you’re looking to take a break from your family’s Thanksgiving dinner this year or you’d just like to give back to the community and make a difference, there are plenty of ways to impact the lives of others this Thanksgiving. From volunteering your time to donating goods, there is no shortage of ways to make a difference this Thanksgiving. 

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November 21, 2015
6 Ideas For Ways To Give Back And Make A Difference This Thanksgiving

Whether you’re looking to take a break from your family’s Thanksgiving dinner this year or you’d just like to give back to the community and make a difference, there are plenty of ways to impact the lives of others this Thanksgiving. From volunteering your time to donating goods, there is no shortage of ways to make a difference this Thanksgiving. 

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November 18, 2015
Did You Know These 6 Waste And Recycling Facts?

It's pretty well known that the U.S. could do better with its current recycling rate, which is just 34.5 percent. Recycling seems easy enough, but it's often a complicated and misunderstood issue that people can't agree on. Most of the glass, plastic, paper and metal that ends up in the trash can be recycled, but in the landfill it's just a lost resource. Learning more about waste and recycling can make a huge difference in the future of our environment.

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November 15, 2015
How Will You Make A Difference On America Recycles Day?

America Recycles Day is Nov. 15, and there are so many great ways to get involved. Now that more and more people are getting involved in the green movement, it’s only getting easier to get other people excited about recycling, and the best way is to lead by example. This year, host or attend an America Recycles Day event near you to encourage other people to make earth-friendly decisions that will benefit future generations to come. 

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November 13, 2015
Ways to Reduce Food Waste This Thanksgiving

According to the Environmental Working Group (EWG), the average American wastes 250 lbs. of food each year. Humans are responsible for nearly 40 percent of the food thrown away each year, and places like grocery stores and restaurants are only responsible for about 10 percent of food waste. Instead of relying on businesses such as restaurants and grocery stores to take action, it’s actually humans who need to take action. 

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November 11, 2015
Winter Is Coming: How To Get Your Car Ready

Predicting the weather can be hard enough on a day to day basis. But forecasting whole seasons is an entirely different challenge. Winter may start in December, but winter weather can happen anytime. Last year, parts of the upper Midwest were pounded by snow and below-average temperatures by early November. Much of that snow was gone by Christmas, but it didn't mean the snow was done for the season.

This year, The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is predicting cooler and wetter weather in the South, and above-average temperatures in the West and across the Northern part of the county. NOAA is also predicting a drier winter for the northern Rocky Mountain areas, upper plain states, and the Great Lakes-area.

But it's important to remember that those predictions are for the season, and what you get hit with on a day-to-day basis is different. It may be sunny when you drive to work, but that doesn't mean you won't have a snowstorm or downpour to deal with. If you do, is your car ready?

It’s important to be prepared for what winter driving brings, not to mention what it can do to your car. If you want to keep your car driving well through the winter months so it comes out OK on the other side of the coldest season, you have to be ready. Here are some tips to keep yourself out of trouble while driving this winter.

  1. Check Your Tire Tread And Pressure. If your car can't stay on the road, it puts you and those driving around you at serious risk. That starts with your tire's tread and inflation. If the tread is low, it hampers your car’s ability to grip the road. This is obviously an issue anytime of the year, but snow, slush and ice that can accumulate on the roads can make for dangerous driving. Here’s how to do a check yourself: Take a quarter and place it in the tire tread with Washington’s head pointing down. If Washington’s entire head is visible, it’s time to get new tires. Having tires that are properly inflated isn’t just about safety – it can save you money as well. According to the Department of Energy, every pound per square inch (PSI) that your tires are underinflated, lowers your gas mileage by 0.3 percent. That may not sound like much, but consider this: Proper inflation can raise gas mileage by 3.3 percent, or savings of up to 11 cents per gallon. Not sure what to inflate your tires to? Check the sticker on the driver’s side door jamb or in the car’s owner’s manual. Tires lose a pound of pressure for every 10-degree Fahrenheit drop in the temperature, so make sure you keep a close eye on it.
  2. Make Sure You Can See. Standard wiper blades are made of rubber, and over time, they can wear down or crack, making them very ineffective to clear off snow and ice. Streaky windows hamper your ability to see the road, so make sure you check and replace, if necessary, your wiper blades. Also key is making sure your windshield-washer fluid tank is full, and make sure you have a gallon in the car with you in case you run out. Snow and slush make your windshield a mess in a hurry; it’ll surprise you how quickly you’ll run through washer fluid.
  3. Get Your Battery Checked. Ever notice how your car strains a little bit when you turn the key in the winter? That’s because as it gets colder, the battery has to work hard to turn your engine over. Make sure that it’s getting a proper charge by getting the battery tested. Most service centers will do it for cheap – or for free – and checking can be the difference between getting home safely or getting stranded on the side of the road.
  4. Hope For The Best, Prepare For The Worst. A simple survival kit stashed in your trunk can be a lifesaver. A bag of salt, spare shovel, jumper cables and blankets are vitally important should your car break down and you end up stranded on the side of the road. The North Dakota Department of Transportation has some more helpful suggestions for what to keep with you while driving.
  5. Keep Your Lights Clean. Whenever you stop for gas, it’s a good practice to use the windshield washer to clean off your headlights. Given how early it gets dark – particularly in places like North Dakota or Alaska – you spend a lot of time driving with your lights on. Take 15 seconds to scrub off the grime so you can see – and be seen – when you’re out on the road.

Car Not Up For Winter? Donate It!

If you’re worried that your car isn’t up for the challenge of winter and a new purchase is in the cards, consider donating your vehicle to Wheels For Wishes benefiting Make-A-Wish. Your unwanted vehicle can help inspire a local child and make their wish come true.

All you need to do is donate an unwanted car, truck, SUV, RV, motorcycle, or boat and it will help to grant a wish for a local child in your community. All of the hassle typically associated with getting rid of an unwanted vehicle is handled for you. No paying for and posting listings. No dealing with setting up times for potential buyers to view the vehicle. No haggling or price wars. No producing maintenance logs or waiting for a buyer to have their mechanic look it over. Plus you’ll get a tax deduction for your vehicle, which you don’t get when you try to sell it.

All you have to do is pick up the phone and call [chapter_phone] or fill out our easy online vehicle donation form. You don’t even have to be home when the pick-up happens! It is just that simple and you will feel great about helping those who are striving to feel hope, strength, and joy once again.

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November 10, 2015
Enjoy A Different Kind Of Triathlon At Brave The Bay

Brave the Bay is an annual fundraiser presented by the San Francisco Police Department to benefit our partner, Make-A-Wish Greater Bay Area. It's an active, holiday-themed event that's perfect for participants of any age.

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November 9, 2015
Wishing Well Winter Gala Has Raised Millions For Make-A-Wish LA

Make-A-Wish Greater Los Angeles started the Wishing Well Winter Gala two years ago to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the chapter. This event has raised more than $1 million each year and brings together more than 750 guests to honor leaders in entertainment, business, health care and philanthropy in the Los Angeles area.

This year's event is at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel (9500 Wilshire Blvd.) in Beverly Hills on Wednesday, Dec. 9. Cocktails start at 6 p.m. with dinner at the program beginning at 7 p.m. Past honorees have included including Kobe Bryant, Landon Donovan, Sam Nazarian, Children's Hospital Los Angeles and Mattel Children's Hospital UCLA.

Help Make Wishes Come True

You can take part in this special event that helps Make-A-Wish Greater Los Angeles grant wishes to children with critical illnesses. Individual tickets for the event are $500 each, and can be ordered by filling out the order form on the event's website. You can also become an event sponsor, and there are several options available for you to consider:

  • Presenting Sponsor: $100,000
  • Dream Makers: $50,000
  • Star Catchers: $25,000
  • Heroes: $10,000
  • Believers: $5,000
  • Friends: $1,500

All levels of sponsorships have varying degrees of perks, so check out the sponsorship form to find the level that is right for you. You can also register for the fantastic action ahead of time.

Other Ways To Help Make-A-Wish

Make-A-Wish Greater Los Angeles helps grant wishes for children with critical illnesses all over Los Angeles County, including cities like Pasadena, Long Beach and Santa Clarita. However, if you can't make the event, you can still help to grant wishes for local kids in your community with a general donation. You can also consider making a car donation to Wheels For Wishes benefiting Make-A-Wish Greater Los Angeles.

Wheels For Wishes accepts vehicles in any condition so Make-A-Wish can continue to grant wishes for local kids in your community. Donate a car, truck, SUV, RV, motorcycle, or boat, and help turn your unwanted vehicle into a wish come true. You not only get the satisfaction of helping a child, you also get a tax deduction when you file your 2015 taxes.

To donate a vehicle to Wheels For Wishes, benefiting Make-A-Wish, please call [chapter_phone] or fill out our easy vehicle donation form. You won't regret it!

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November 7, 2015
November Is Carcinoid Tumor Awareness Month

In addition to learning more about lung, pancreatic and stomach cancer this month, November is also a great time to learn more about carcinoid tumors and other neuroendocrine tumors. If you don't know much about these tumors, Carcinoid Tumor Awareness Month and Neuroendocrine Tumor Awareness Day can be a great opportunity. 

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November 3, 2015
November Is Lung, Stomach, And Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month

With all the attention that Breast Cancer Awareness Month gets during October, it's easy to forget about the awareness campaigns that follow in November. This month, you're encouraged to help raise awareness for lung cancer, pancreatic cancer, stomach cancer, and carcinoid cancer.

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October 31, 2015
Treat Connecticut Kids With Car Donation This Halloween

Kids love Halloween candy, there’s no question about that. Sadly, many children are unable to dress up in their favorite superhero costume and go out trick-or-treating on Halloween night. Each year in the U.S. alone, more than 27,000 children are diagnosed with a critical illness. Many of these children are living right here in Connecticut, in areas like Hartford, New Haven, Stamford, Danbury, or Bridgeport. Help to make a difference in the lives of these children by donating a car to charity this Halloween.

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October 27, 2015
How To Have A Green Halloween

It's that time of year again, when pumpkins and ghostly yard décor show up outside every doorstep. Halloween is such a fun time for kids and adults alike, and what could be better than a holiday that's so heavily focused on treats? One aspect of Halloween that's often overlooked is the use of decorations and costumes that are discarded after just one use. Luckily it's easy to have a greener holiday, and actually save some money and be friendlier to the environment in the process! Here are several ideas to green your Halloween. 

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October 19, 2015
Great Events Benefiting Make-A-Wish Southern Florida To End 2015

This November and December, there are several fun ways for you to help Make-A-Wish Southern Florida. Whether you want a formal, elegant tea party, or to see a massive-holiday light display, you can help grant wishes to children all over Southern Florida who are facing a critical illness. By attending events like these, you help to provide wishes all across Florida; in cities like Hollywood, Hialeah and Fort Lauderdale

Nick's Starlight Spectacular

As Part of a Kids For Wish Kids project, Nicholas Caine sets up a massive holiday light display at his residence in North Miami Beach (1880 NE 181st St.). Nicholas's event includes fun activities such as inflatable rides, a DJ, food stands and photo opportunities with Santa. More than 1 million lights and 100 inflatables will be on display to help brighten the holiday season from Nov. 1, 2015 to Jan. 4, 2016. There is no cost for spectators, and 100 percent of proceeds from concession sales and photos with Santa will benefit Make-A-Wish Southern Florida. If you have questions, please e-mail nicksstarlightspectacular@gmail.com.

Palm Beach Sailfish Classic

The Palm Beach Sailfish Classic is a 3-day tournament that will take place on Nov. 19-21, at the Palm Beach Sailing Club (4600 N. Flagler Dr., West Palm Beach). Kickoff will be at the Palm Beach Shores Community Center on Nov. 19 and the awards banquet will be at the Plaza Ballroom on Nov. 21. Half of the net proceeds will benefit Make-A-Wish Southern Florida. In the tournament's 9-year history, Make-A-Wish Southern Florida has received more than $220,000 from the proceeds of the tournament. Cash pots are available for captains, anglers, tournament winners and more. For more information, contact Pat Ross at (561) 818-6095 or fishgalblue@aol.com, or visit www.pbsailfish.com.

Tea At The Ritz, Dec. 6

Join fellow Make-A-Wish volunteers and donors at the elegant and upscale Tea At The Ritz on Dec. 6 in Naples. This fine dining experience will take place from 2-4 p.m. Saturday afternoon at the Ritz Carlton (280 Vanderbilt Beach Road). Guests will receive royal classic tea service along with champagne, tea sandwiches and fruit tartlets.

Tickets are $125 and all of the proceeds from the event benefit Make-A-Wish Southern Florida. Tickets are sure to sell fast, so RSVP today by contacting Lesley Colantonio at 877-709-9474 ext. 22 or by email at lcolantonio@sflawish.org. Deadline to purchase tickets is Dec. 4.

Your Donation Provides Hope And Joy

A donation to Make-A-Wish is a gift like no other. Children with critical illnesses want nothing more than to live a normal life; your donation helps to make that possible. By helping to provide a wish for a child, you enable them to feel normal again and enjoy a day where they can live carefree and just be a kid. Wishes that may seem insignificant to us can mean the world to a child in need.

Make-A-Wish Southern Florida grants a wish every 16 hours. Since many children wish to travel to Disney World and meet all of their favorite Disney characters, this chapter is able to grant wishes very efficiently. Still, the need for fundraising is vital. Every child is different, which means every wish is unique!

Help In Other Ways

Holidays can mean a more busy and hectic schedule for many families. If you'd still like to make a donation to Make-A-Wish Southern Florida, we have a solution for you. Donate your used car to Wheels For Wishes and benefit your local Make-A-Wish. Don’t waste your valuable time trying to find a new home for your vehicle – donate today!

Car, truck, boat, RV, SUV or motorcycle, Wheels For Wishes will tow away or pick-up your vehicle at no cost to you. Since we are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization your donation is tax deductible, and you can be sure your donation is making a difference. Make your donation by 11:59 Dec. 31, and it will even count toward your 2015 taxes. Now is the perfect time to donate your car for charity.

Call [chapter_phone] today, or make your donation online by filling out our easy online donation form. If you are unsure about the donation process, our experienced representatives will walk you through the process and answer any questions you have. 

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October 16, 2015
Take Action On World Food Day 2015

Food is something that many of us take for granted on a daily basis. According to the United Nations Environment Programme, approximately 1.3 billion tons of food get lost or wasted every year. That’s equal to roughly one third of the food produced for human consumption each year! In the United States alone, 30 percent of all food is thrown away each year. About half of the water used to produce this food also goes to waste. These reasons alone are why World Food Day is so important. World Food Day is a day of action against hunger, and you can help out by getting involved in the cause. 

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