Your donation helps children in your local community.
We'll help you get the maximum possible tax deduction.
Don't waste time or money trying to sell your vehicle.
Accepting most vehicles regardless of condition.

Getting Your Old Car Turned Into A Child's Wish Is As Easy As 1, 2, 3…

Donate your vehicle and get easy free towing.
Get a tax-deductible receipt for your donation.
Your car donation helps local children!

Watermelon Georgia is home to all sorts of terrain like mountains, coastal beaches, farmland and even a metropolitan area. If you don’t have a mode of transportation that can handle all the beauty Georgia has to offer, it may be time to upgrade. In the meantime, you can donate your current car, boat, RV, trailer, Jet Ski or motorcycle to Wheels For Wishes. If you aren’t sure if it’s time to upgrade, Wheels For Wishes can help with the incentive.

If your space in the driveway, garage, yard or shed is being eaten up by an unwanted vehicle, you can clear up space with free towing provided by Wheels For Wishes. Then, you will get to enjoy your 100 percent tax-deductible receipt to use on your 1098-c form during tax time. Plus, local kids will get to live their dreams, and all you have to do is let go of an unwanted vehicle!

Atlanta and Athens share a similar problem. Atlanta is a lively city with great entertainment and sports. It has great public transportation, but driving there can be a pain, especially when it comes time to park. In a similar vein, Athens is an upbeat college town with so many ways to make it where you need to go, and so few places to park when the Bulldogs are playing. You might find it time to say goodbye to hassles of traffic and parking and say hello to the hassle-free donation process from Wheels For Wishes. Plus, your great tax deduction will help pay for whatever form of alternative transportation you choose!

GolfAugusta National Golf Course is the home of the Masters Golf Tournament. At the Masters, golfers are not allowed to use carts to preserve the natural beauty of the course. You can embrace that spirit by letting go of your motorized vehicle for getting around Augusta, donating it to Wheels For Wishes and taking in the beauty of the city!

Between the Savannah River and the Atlantic Ocean, Savannah is a wonderful boating city. If your old boat is holding you back, donate it to Wheels For Wishes and use the tax deduction to put a down payment on an upgraded boat! That way, you won’t be distracted by the beauty of Savannah waters.

Stop trying to sell your car! All you need to do to make life easier for yourself and to help kids live their dreams: donate your unwanted vehicle to Wheels For Wishes!

We make it easy to donate a car and help local kids

Our Mission

Wheels For Wishes believes that every child, no matter his or her health, deserves a chance to have a happy and fulfilling childhood. By donating your vehicle, we are able to raise funds to support Make-A-Wish chapters in locations throughout the country, helping grant wishes to children with life-threatening medical conditions. A wish is an opportunity for a child to focus on something other than their medical routines, and be a kid again.


As of October 2019, based on the average cost of a wish, donors like you have helped Wheels for Wishes contribute to grant more than 9,000 wishes and counting.

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