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Fairfield Car Donation Helps Kids Live Their Dreams

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trail in FairfieldIf you have an unwanted vehicle in Fairfield, Cal., you have the chance to make a big difference! Fairfield has so much fun and nature to offer. Fairfield and the Greater Bay Area are also home to Make-A-Wish, benefiting local kids with critical illnesses. Make-A-Wish gives these kids a chance to live their dreams. Some kids may want to explore Fairfield’s nature by walking the Bay Area Ridge Trail while geocaching. Others might want the excitement of the Scandia Family Center. The easiest way to help those kids live their dreams is by donating that aforementioned unwanted vehicle to Wheels For Wishes.

Wheels For Wishes is the best option for making a big difference for local kids. Our vehicle donation program will come to you and pick up your car for free whether you live in Fairfield or anywhere else in the Greater Bay Area. From there, the process of making dreams come true begins!

Benefits Of Car Donation

Of course, your generous donation to Wheels For Wishes helps to make dreams come true. At the same time, your donation benefits you too!

  • A hassle-free donation is our specialty!
  • Posting ads and haggling can be stressful. Wheels For Wishes takes away the hassle of selling your car.
  • Since Wheels For Wishes is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, you will receive the maximum possible tax deduction for your donation!
  • We accept nearly all types of vehicles in every condition.Little girl
  • We will tow your car, even if it isn’t running, from anywhere in the Greater Bay Area.

Donation Process Is Simple!

When you are ready to donate your unwanted car, boat, RV, motorcycle or trailer, our representatives are here to make the process easy.

  • Call 1-855-622-9474 or fill out an online donation form. One of our representatives will set up a convenient time to pick up your vehicle. As long as you donate before 11:59 p.m. on Dec. 31, you can claim the tax deduction for that year.
  • Empty your personal items from your vehicle. You don’t have to fix it up, fill up the gas or wash your vehicle! We will tow your car from anywhere in the Greater Bay Area, and the maximum proceeds will benefit Make-A-Wish.
  • Save your tax-deductible receipt which you will receive from us in the mail. Use this when you file your taxes and claim your tax deduction.

All you need is an unwanted vehicle to make dreams come true in Fairfield!

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