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Seven Benefits Of Electric Bikes

February 15, 2021

Electric bikes, or E bikes, are a car alternative. E bikes mix the exercise of biking with the distance-covering efficiency of a car. Electric bikes still operate by pedaling, but electronic assistance propels the rider to consistent high speeds. You may be considering switching to an E bike from a car. You may also be considering downsizing to become a one car family. Replacing your second car in a two car world with an electric bike comes with a lot of positives! In fact, electric bikes have advantages over both cars and bikes. Here are the benefits of electric bikes:

1. Using Electric Bikes Is Good For The Environment

The environmental impact of switching from a car to an electric bike is massive! Here’s how:

  • Reduces your use of fossil fuels
  • Reduces your greenhouse gas emissions
  • Reduces waste from old car parts

E bikes are simply better for the environment than cars—even electric cars.

2. E Bikes Help You Avoid Traffic Without Compromising On Speed

During your commute in town, cars often have to sit in traffic. Whether it’s mild or bumper to bumper, traffic is a negative. Electric bicycles don’t have to sit in traffic. Unlike regular bicycles, E bikes also don’t compromise on in-town speed. Most reach around 30mph more or less. You get to take the traffic-free bike lane all while keeping up the speed!

3. Get Great Exercise On Your Electric Bike

While you might not get the same burn as a regular bike for your commute, E bikes are still an excellent workout. To state the obvious, riding electric bikes is more of a workout than sitting in your car. Even though the pedaling is assisted, you are still working your cardio. It’s a great and easy way to get your recommended 30 minutes of daily exercise.

4. No Sweat! The Electric Motor Makes Your Commute Easier

Most people would agree that biking to your destination is more ideal than driving. It’s the logistics, however, that can get in the way. One of those is showing up sweaty to work or the grocery store. It’s already more work to bike than to drive. Adding another potential negative like sweatiness can make switching to bikes hard. E bikes, however, are much more effortless to ride. You still get that fresh air. You still get the environmentally friendly ride to work. What you don’t get is the inconvenience of being covered in sweat. Electronic biking for your commute has all the advantages of biking with no sweat!

5. Save Money On Vehicle Expenses

First off, cars themselves cost significantly more than electric bikes. Here are all the other ways where you will save money with an E bike versus a car:

  • Car insurance payments
  • Routine oil changes and other maintenance
  • Repairs
  • Replacement parts
  • Loan payments
  • Gas and other fuel expenses
  • Parking
  • Storage

There are countless factors that save you money with electric bikes versus cars. All that money you save can go into savings or help pay off debts. You will have more money if you switch from a car to an electric bike. At the same time, you can do most of the same things you can in a car.

6. Experience More On Your Bike Ride

Electric bicycles are fun! They are arguably more fun than traditional bikes. They go faster. They are less tiring. You can see more in the same amount of time as a regular cycling ride. When you go on an electric bike ride as an activity, you experience more. You can still get the same hard workout, but you will go a much greater distance. That means you can see more sights, go faster and even ride longer. E bikes enhance the biking experience without taking anything away.

7. Switching To An Electric Bike Is A Good Deed

Going from a car to an E bike is a good deed. Reducing traffic and saving the environment both help people in your community. Both of those are accomplished when you switch to an electric bike. On top of that, you are being good to yourself. E biking versus driving is good exercise, which does great things for you both physically and mentally.

Another good deed in switching to an electric bike is what you do with your car. You may not know how to get rid of a car, but this part can be good for your community too. You can donate your unwanted vehicle to Wheels For Wishes.

Wheels For Wishes is a charity car donation program benefiting your local chapter of Make-A-Wish. When you donate your vehicle to Wheels For Wishes, you are helping to grant wishes for local children facing critical illness. These wishes can change lives for kids who really need it! So even the part where you get rid of your car can be a good deed!

Here’s how to donate:

  • Call us at 1-855-278-9474 or fill out an easy online donation form.
  • We will get back to you within 24 hours of the next business day. We will set up your free towing and come to you!
  • Finally, we send your tax-deductible receipt in the mail. You can use this to claim a great tax deduction on you 1098-c form. It really pays to donate! Donating your car counts as another benefit for switching to electric bikes!
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