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How To Register A Car In Vermont

June 8, 2021

It's easy to register a car in Vermont! You just need to pick the category that you fall under. Here are the steps to register your car in Vermont.

1. Provide Proof Of Ownership With A Title

You'll have to prove that you are the owner of the vehicle before you register the car in the state of Vermont. Make sure the title is in your name or transferred to your name on the title. Hold onto the bill of sale if you are transferring ownership, this is helpful to the DMV when registering your car.

Here is some more information on the transfer of ownership on Vermont titles.

2. Insure Your Vehicle

If you are not insured make sure you complete this step. Here are a few insurance providers that offer car insurance:

Most car insurance plans are very customizable. Plans can start as low as $40 if you only choose liability coverage.

3. Make Sure You Are In Good Standing At The DMV

Your vehicles registration may be delayed if you have any tickets or open vehicle citations. In the state of Vermont your registration may be withheld if you have these things

  • Parking tickets
  • Toll violations
  • Unpaid vehicle taxes

4. Provide These Documents When Registering Your Car In Vermont

In Vermont, you can register your car online, over the phone, through the mail, and in person. Here are the documents that you'll need:

For first time registration, you will typically need these items:

  1. Your state’s identification card or driver’s license
  2. Your insurance information for the state the vehicle will be driven
  3. A sales tax payment
  4. Your vehicle’s title
  5. Documents stating that your vehicle has passes emissions regulations and a safety inspection
  6. The car’s registration application

Private sale or transfer of ownership: 

  1. Title in your name
  2. When transferring a vehicle to a new owner make sure all of the owners are listed on the title in the "transferred to" line. The sellers must sign the 'assignment of ownership section on the back of the title.
  3. Odometer Disclosure Statement &  Bill of Sale 
  4. In the state of Vermont, include the NADA value printout when submitting your registration through the mail.

Renewing your car’s registration? Make sure you have these:

  1. Your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
  2. Driver’s license number
  3. Proof of insurance
  4. License plate number
  5. Proof that your vehicle was registered previously (registration card)

Out-of-state dealer? Bring these as well:

  1. Bring the Title of the Manufacturer's Certificate of Origin
  2. Odometer Disclosure Statement & Bill of Sale

5. Fill Out The Vermont Car Registration Form

The last step is filling out the registration form. You will need your VIN, your license plate number, and your driver’s license number.

You will have to provide the accident history of the vehicle or any custom tune-ups the vehicle has had that effect the driving of the car.

Check out this Vermont DMV page to find out what fees you will need to pay for your specific vehicle.

You can register your car in Vermont online, over the phone, in the mail, or in person here.

You'll need to register your car annually in the state of Vermont.

Donating A Car In Vermont?

If you are looking to donate a car in Vermont, look no further than Wheels For Wishes car donation program!

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