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7 Things To Do With Time Saved By Donating Your Car

Posted in Donate Car News, Monday, July 30, 2012

If you are one of the smart cookies who went online and with a click of the mouse donated your old vehicle instead of selling it, you must have some spare time on your hands. You no longer will have to deal with placing ads, taking phone calls, or meeting with potential buyers. Here are some of the things you now have time for!

Write a Haiku

Because poetry

Is good for the mind, body, soul

And you have time now

Learn to Yodel

Just to see how patient your friends, families, and neighbors can be.

Create a drive-thru rap

They are just funny.

Learn to draw a perfect circle.

Because it’s pretty impressive

Organize a flash mob

Who doesn’t love a good flash mob?

Learn card tricks

So you can be the life of the next party! Or the weird guest who comes to party with their own deck of cards…

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