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What You Didn't Know About Car Donation and Recycling

May 9, 2012

Auto Recycling Saves Lives:

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We may be biased, but we think that donating a car is an incredible act. Not only do donors get a 100% tax deduction and the perks of a hassle-free pick up, but also the proceeds can help change the medical outcome of a child with a critical illness​.

89 percent of medical professionals surveyed said that the introduction of a wish experience into a child's life has the ability to improve not just mental, emotion, and psychological well-being, but physical health!

Auto Recycling Creates Jobs (and a lot of them!):

The benefits, however, still do not end there. Car donation services are a huge asset to the environment and economy! Did you know that recycling a vehicle could provide enough steel to produce almost 13 million new automobiles? The production of car recycling also provides 46,000 jobs and is the 16th largest industry in the United States!

Auto Recycling Saves the Earth and our Space:

It is not just the steel that is recycled in a vehicle. Each vehicle, if unsalvageable to be safely enjoyed by a new lucky family, can have all of its parts reused and recycled. This includes the bumper, doors, engine, and transmission. Other parts can be removed and remanufactured or cleaned if still in good shape. When an auto is donated and recycled, no part of the car goes to waste; every bit is put to use! Thanks to technology this includes floors mats, upholstery, and radio parts. We really mean every bit!

Another fun fact! A vehicle is the most recycled consumer product in the world! Each year, 95% of automobiles are recycled. In the United States, each minute 26 vehicles are recycled. Try to imagine the impact on the earth if car-recycling programs were not in place.

percentage of car recycled

Auto Recycling Saves Oil:

The oil from the cars is another component that is reused as well. The vehicle recycling industry contributes to saving an estimated 85 millions barrels of oil each year. Oil is not only saved from the manufacturing of new vehicles, but when an automobile is being salvaged for parts, oil is retracted and reused. Since oil does not go bad, it just gets dirty; it can be filtered and be reused for vehicles, schools, homes, or businesses.

The benefit of a vehicle donation does not just end with lower taxes or the perk of a free pick-up. If a vehicle is deemed unsafe to be resold, then a donor can still feel good about all the benefits the donated part have on the environment and economy. A donated car is a step towards a greener earth!

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