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Twenty Fun Things To Do With Your Free Time Over The Holidays

December 10, 2012

Car donation leaves you with so much extra time on your hands, especially during the winter months. Imagine trying to sell or trade in a vehicle when it's cold, icy, and snowy outside! Can you imagine how much time you would have to spend keeping the vehicle clean and bringing it in for winter repairs?

We hope you will enjoy our list of twenty things you can do during the holidays, with time saved due to car donation. If you haven't donated a car yet, then check out our 2012 Donate Car To Charity Guide and we'll tell you everything you need to know! There is still time to donate a car before the New Year.

Donating A Car Saves You Time

Selling or trading in a car during the winter months means that you need to keep it sheltered, and possibly forcing you to keep your new, drivable car outside in the driveway. Either way, you have one car to scrape ice and snow off.

When you donate an old vehicle to Wheels For Wishes during the winter months, you will have extra time on your hands to enjoy the holiday season instead of wasting time keeping the car clean, driving around from dealership to dealership in the cold just to haggle over a sales price, and dealing with the annoying expenses that we sometimes have to spend on our cars when it's cold out.

After you donate an old car to Wheels For Wishes, you'll have plenty of extra time to enjoy the fun and excitement of the holiday season. For fun, we put together a list of twenty things you can do during the holidays since you don't have to worry about getting rid of that old car of yours!

Twenty Fun Ways To Enjoy Your Free Time

  1. Build A Snowman: That's right; you can go outside with the kids and play in the snow. The holidays are the perfect excuse to act like a kid again!
  2. Watch That Holiday Movie Marathon: If you're relaxing on the couch and you see a holiday movie marathon is on, watch it!
  3. Go Ice Skating: It's a fun winter tradition, and it feels even more magical during the holidays.
  4. Go Shopping: Skip your go-to online shopping and actually go to the crazy malls and experience the holiday hustle and bustle like you used to do (when you had more free time).
  5. Create A Homemade Centerpiece: If you're having holiday guests, have fun creating your own holiday centerpiece.
  6. Bake Holiday Cookies: Bake holiday cookies and even use icing to decorate the Gingerbread Cookies, since you have the extra time!
  7. List Your Goals: Make a list of goals that you wish to accomplish over the Near Year. Be sure to check off the part about getting rid of your old car!
  8. Volunteer: You donated your car to Wheels For Wishes, which is a huge way to give back to your own community. If you're looking for more, there are other ways to donate your time. Volunteer at a homeless shelter, an animal shelter, or help a neighbor shovel their driveway.
  9. Foster A Pet: With the extra time on your hands, look into fostering a pet over the holidays. Visit www.fosterspot.com for more information.
  10. Attend A Holiday Exhibit: Many towns offer ice sculptures, light shows, or tree lightings, so find an event in your area and enjoy the holiday festivities!
  11. Clean Out Your Cupboards: Clean out all your cupboards and donate items to your local food shelf. Your free time allows you to de-clutter while also helping others!
  12. Explore A New Area: Use your extra time to explore a new part of town, or enjoy a new coffee shop or restaurant that you haven't been to yet.
  13. Learn Something New: Learn something new so you can impress your family and friends during your holiday get-together.
  14. Play A Game: Enjoy your free time and play your favorite board game, video game, card game- whatever sounds like the most fun!
  15. Host A Party: With your extra time, host an Ugly Christmas Sweater? party. You don't want that ugly sweater to go to waste!
  16. Enjoy A Cup Of Hot Cocoa: Whether you decide to relax in your own house with a cup of hot cocoa or you head over to your local cafe, you will love just relaxing and enjoying your cocoa.
  17. Read A Christmas Carol: It's a classic, so read Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol and it will help you remember just what the holidays are all about.
  18. Enjoy A Candy Cane: Eating a candy cane doesn't take up much time, but it's easy to forget just how many flavors there are to pick from.
  19. See A Play: There's always great entertainment around the holidays, so go out and enjoy it!
  20. Relax: The holidays can already be overwhelming and exhausting, so use your extra time to relax and catch up on some rest!

With this list of twenty fun things to do during the holidays, we hope there is something for everyone to enjoy. After all, you donated your car to a great cause and will help a child's wish come true in your area. You deserve to be rewarded!

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