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Things To Keep The Kids Busy Before School Starts

August 1, 2016

As we’re getting closer to the start of the school year, you just can’t wait for the kids to start school. Here are some fun activities to keep the kids busy the last few weeks before school starts.


Outdoor Activities

When summer is coming to an end, you can tell the kids are starting to get bored and need a way to get the energy out. You can take them to a local or national park. If you have a fourth-grader, take advantage of the Every Kid in a Park program that lets your whole family get into national parks for free. Every state has some beautiful spaces that allow the kids to run around and let you relax in nature’s beauty. If you want to spend the whole day at the park you can bring food and blanket and have a picnic with some fun finger food.

If you’re at a park or at home there are a lot of things you can do that takes little to no money. If you are trying to think of something to keep the kids busy for a few hours, a scavenger hunt is the perfect thing. Have the kids go around and try to find the roundest rock, a four leaf clover, something yellow or some other color that may be in the area. The more creative you get, the longer it will take the kids to find them. To help them not get uninterested you can give some sort of treat for the winner.

Looking for something to get the kids up and running? The game of tag is perfect. There are a variety of different types you can play. There is the traditional tag game where one child is “it” and has to touch the other players then whoever gets tagged (touched) is the next "it" person. Another type of tag is freeze tag where one person is “it” and every person they touch is frozen and can’t move. Whoever is last person standing is now “it.” These are just two types of popular tag games your kids might have their own version and want to play that.

Indoor Activities

You always need backup activities for those rainy days.  Try to think like a kid again and think of games you played as a kid before all these electronics were popular and have your kids get creative.

Move the furniture around in a room and have them build a fort. This is a classic activity that every kid will enjoy. Get creative—the more blankets and pillows the better.  Then let them camp out in their fort, it will be a memory they won’t ever forget.

If you don’t want to deal with a mess of a fort then another idea is hide and go seek. One child can be “it” while the others go hide. Then the “it” person has to find them. If you only have one child then you can hide and let them find you or vice versa. This game leads to a lot of laughs and memories. Make memories that the children will tell as they grow older.

Some usually think making cookies is something you only do around the holidays but it doesn't have to be. This is a perfect rainy day activity that the kids will love. You can make summer cut outs and have the kids decorate them either with sprinkles or frosting. The kids will love to have a fun treat and they can say they helped make them, which makes this treat even more special.

Activity To Help Kids

If you are looking for an activity that can help kids with life-threating medical conditions this is the perfect activity for you. If you have an unused vehicle that you no longer need you can donate it to Wheels For Wishes which benefits local children charities. If you’re wondering what charities are by you, you can click on the chapter locater. We make donating a car easy! You can either fill out our online donation form or call 1-855-278-9474. This is a great way to help kids in your area! Donate today! 

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