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Ten Reasons To Donate Your Car Before The Snow Comes

October 23, 2012

The weather is cooling down and the days are getting shorter. If you live in one of the snowy states, you may be dreading the change in seasons, especially if you still have your old, broken down car sitting in your driveway. Plus, it's almost the end of the year and you don't want to miss out on your end of the year tax deduction!

We’ll give you ten reasons to donate that old car before the snow comes. So listen up, you might want to give us a call to donate your car today! We’ll be ready for you if you do!

For more information on donating your car, check out our 2012 Donate Car To Charity Guide.

  1. 1. You Won’t Have To Plow Or Shovel Around The Old Car

Plowing and shoveling already take up enough time, so why shovel around that old car sitting in your driveway? When you donate your car, you can just get the whole driveway done without having to work around the vehicle. Plus, the driveway will look a lot nicer, too!

  1. 2. You Won’t Have An Extra Set Of Windows To Scrape Down After a Freeze Or Snow Fall

Another hassle of winter driving is scraping off windows that are covered with snow and ice. Whether you are selling your old car or taking it for a spin, you’ll have to scrape those windows down over and over again while it’s sitting outside in the driveway. Plus, getting into a freezing car that has been sitting outside for months is a nightmare!

When you donate your car, we’ll pick it up or tow it, so you won’t have to do any scraping or sitting in the cold driver’s seat!

  1. 3. You’ll Have Extra Space In Your Driveway For Holiday Guests

There is nothing worse than having your Thanksgiving or Christmas guests park on the street when it’s snowy and icy, so you’d ideally like to have enough space in your driveway for them to park their cars. If you donate your old car before the holidays, you’ll open up an extra space in the driveway for your loved ones! Plus, you won’t have to risk anyone getting towed if they park on the street and stay over a little too late. Time flies when you’re having fun with family!

  1. 4. You’ll Receive A Tax Deduction This Year For Your Charity Donation If You Donate Before January 1st

When you donate your old car before Midnight on January 1st, your donation will count for this year’s taxes. That means you will have the maximum possible tax deduction coming right up, for you to enjoy this year at tax time!

  1. 5. You Don’t Have To Look Outside And See An Old Car Piled High With Snow

Imagine a beautiful, snowy day, where you don’t have any errands to run. There you are, just gazing out of the window, snuggled up near the warm fireplace, while enjoying the snow fall. And then you look over and see your old, broken down car sitting in the driveway, with snow piled high on top of it. What a way to destroy a beautiful sight!  

  1. 6. You Can Replace Your Old Car With A New And More Reliable Car For Winter

Since you’ll have extra space in the driveway and extra cash at tax time, it’s a perfect opportunity to purchase a new car that is more reliable for winter driving. Not that you’ll want your new car sitting outside in the driveway, but there will be extra room in the driveway if someone’s (not pointing any fingers) car gets moved out of the garage.

  1. 7. That Extra Space In The Driveway Can Be Used For Making Snow Angels And Snow Men

If you choose to keep that spot in the driveway vacant, it gives the kids extra space to make snow angels or build snow men. Kids love playing in as much snow as possible, so they’ll love that you moved that old car out of their way.

  1. 8. You Can Use The Money You Would Be Spending On Car Insurance To Buy Extra Christmas Gifts

When you get rid of that old car and can finally stop paying insurance on it, you’ll provide yourself with some extra cash every month that can be used to purchase extra Christmas gifts for your family and friends. Maybe you’ll even choose to treat yourself to a fun day on the slopes or a relaxing day at the spa. You parted with that old car of yours for a great cause, so you deserve it!

  1. 9. You Can Donate The Car Before It Gets Snowed In

By the time you actually need to get that old car out of the driveway, it may be completely snowed in. Donate it before that happens! There’s nothing like having to get your car shoveled out from being snowed in, so save that for emergencies, and not just to get your old junk car out of the driveway!

  1. 10. Your Car Can Grant A Wish For A Child This Christmas

One huge reason to donate your car this year before the snow comes is that you will help to grant the wish of a child in your very own community this Christmas. You could give a child an opportunity to spend the day with Santa Claus during his trip to the mall, or indulge in an exciting shopping spree at Toys “R” Us. Whatever a child decides, it will be because of your generous decision to donate your old car.

Now check the temperature and listen to your local news. Is snow in the forecast? If so, we hope you will give us a call at 1-855-278-9474. We’ll pick your car up before the first snow flake has the chance to stick to it.

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