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April 7-13 Is National Young Adult Cancer Awareness Week

April 7, 2014

Cancer can happen to people of all ages, children and young adults included. The week of April 7-13 is meant to spread awareness about different types of cancers in young adults. National Young Adult Cancer Awareness Week was launched in 2003 by Vital Options International and takes place annually on the first Monday in April and lasts for one full week. This year, consider donating a car to charity to benefit young adults with critical illnesses. Your donation benefits Make-A-Wish and could grant a wish for a child up to the age of 18.

Raise Awareness During The First Week Of April

Cancer can happen to anyone, which is why it’s important to know the facts. The most common types of cancers in young adults and adolescents are lymphoma, leukemia, germ cell tumors, melanoma, brain and central nervous system tumors, sarcomas, and liver, thyroid, colorectal, cervical, and breast cancer.  Even though it is possible for children and adults of all ages to develop these types of cancers, it is more common at the age of 15 or older.

Young adults with cancer or other medical conditions should be enjoying the things that many young adults are participating in, such as sports, prom, school dances, and learning how to drive a car. Thankfully, a car donation can help grant a wish for a child or young adult and help them to feel like a regular teenager for a while. Wheels For Wishes can make this possible.

Wheels For Wishes is a vehicle donation program that benefits Make-A-Wish, and helps to grant the wishes of children and young adults between the ages of 2 ½ and 18. Donate your car to Wheels For Wishes and let it give a young adult the chance to experience their wish granted. Children and young adults with critical illnesses can be referred for a wish by their physician, teacher, parent, or family friend. To refer a child to receive their wish granted, please visit the Make-A-Wish Refer A Child page.

Let Your Donated Vehicle Provide A Young Adult With Hope And Strength

As fun and carefree as adolescence can be for a young adult, just imagine the stress of being a teenager on top of having a serious medical conditions. Young adults are spending each and every day in school, studying for tests, doing homework, preparing for their college exams, learning how to drive a car, and applying to colleges. Young adults with certain medical conditions are juggling doctor’s appointments, surgeries, chemotherapy, medications, and other difficulties on top of all of that.

Imagine being a teenager with plenty of daily stress, and adding a critical illness on top of all of that. It’s not easy being a young adult, but it can be even more difficult when a medical condition comes into play.

When you donate a car to Wheels For Wishes, benefiting Make-A-Wish, you can help to give a young adult with a medical condition a chance to live out their wildest dreams. Maybe they will wish to go on a shopping spree, meet their favorite sports team, or travel to London. Whatever a child or young adult wishes for, a car donation can help to make it happen.

Donate Your Car To Spread Cancer Awareness In Young Adults

When people think of cancer, they sometimes forget that it can happen to people at any age. This is why it is important to spread awareness. Routine check-ups and physicals with a family physician are always recommended to ensure a child’s health and well-being.

If you choose to donate a car during National Young Adult Cancer Awareness Week, please call Wheels For Wishes at 1-855-278-9474 or fill out an online donation form. To help spread awareness during the week of April 7-April 13, please leave us comments or photos on our Facebook, Twitter or Google+  pages and let us know who you are supporting during National Young Adult Cancer Awareness Week.

If you donate a car, please leave us comments to let us know why you chose you to donate a car to charity, benefiting Make-A-Wish. We would love to hear from you!

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