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How To Donate Your Motorcycle Quickly And Easily

June 26, 2013

For many who own motorcycles, it’s a lifestyle. They enjoy long rides on sunny weekend days, the feeling of the wind in their faces. For others, it may be a mid-life-crisis purchase gone wrong. Whether you’ve ridden your motorcycle into the ground or you’ve had your summer of fun and you want to move on, you need to get rid of your motorcycle.

It can be a tough decision to try and decide what to do with your used motorcycle. Certainly the two most obvious solutions are selling or trading it in. But a third option – donating your motorcycle to charity – is worth exploring. Here are some of the benefits of donating your motorcycle to Wheels For Wishes, benefiting Make-A-Wish.

It’s Easier And Safer Than Trading And Selling Your Motorcycle Yourself

With motorcycle donation, all of the hassle that is typically associated with getting rid of an unwanted bike is handled for you. No paying for and posting listings. No dealing with set up times for potential buyers to view the motorcycling. No haggling or price wars. No producing maintenance logs or waiting for a buyer to have their mechanic look it over. All you have to do is pick up the phone and call 1-855-278-9474 or fill out an online form and set up a pick-up time for the tow company. You don’t even have to be home when the pick-up happens! It is just that simple.

It Is Quick

Once you decide to donate, you can have your motorcycle picked up within a couple of days. Wheels For Wishes will take almost anything with a motor, so you can get rid of your car, RV, truck or boat with minimal hassle.

You Receive The Maximum Tax Deduction

You can write off the donation in the next tax season for the value your car sold for at auction or $500, whichever is greater. You don’t even need to call an accountant or be a tax expert; to learn more – visit our tax answers page for answers to all of your tax questions.

Help Children In Your Own Community

With each donation we receive, we make sure that the proceeds from your motorcycle donation stay local by benefiting your community’s Make-A-Wish chapter. By donating your motorcycle, you can enjoy the pride of knowing you helped grant a wish to a child in your city who was diagnosed with a critical illness.

Live With Less Clutter

Think of how much more room you’ll have in your garage or driveway! Once your motorcycle has been donated, you can bask in the joy of knocking that pesky 'to-do' off your list and making extra room in your garage or driveway. No longer will you feel guilty for not getting rid of your old motorcycle before buying a new one, or feeling dread for not driving it more often. Instead, enjoy a simpler life with less clutter, while helping a child that might be able to have their wish come true.

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