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De-Clutter Your Garage

April 4, 2012

de-clutter your garageOften times the garage becomes the house focal point to collect the clutter and junk that you do not want taking up the rest of your living space. There is no reason that the garage cannot be kept as tidy as the rest of your house is.

1. Clear Space

Start with the most important part: the stall space. If you have an old or junk car just using up space, do not just let that sit and collect dust. Get rid of it by selling it or donating it to one of the several great causes that run vehicle donation programs, like Wheels For Wishes. You can not only make some extra cash by the sale from the tax deductible donation, but if you do decide to donate, you can have peace of mind knowing your junk has helped a worthy cause. If you have any questions, look here, or call 1-855-278-9474 to donate!

Next, go through the sides and throw away or donate old clutter. Do not let your children’s old sports accessories just sit and grow old in bins. Give it away to a service that helps provide to the needy. Another way to feel great about your spring-cleaning!

2. Scrub-A-Dub-Dub

While you are emptying out space, use this time to wash the floors and wipe away the cobwebs. Use an old mob or hose it down with a water pipe. If there are oil spots, use these tips from ehow.com to wipe them away.

Finally, wipe down any existing counter space and use a portable or handheld vacuum cleaner to suck up any small remnants left behind.

3. Create Storage Space

With all of the space you cleared by recycling or donating your unwanted items, create new and useful storage space. Establish designated areas for different things with the use of storage bins and lockers. The Container Store is a great resource for different receptacles or visit your local Home Depot for ideas on creating new storage systems.

4. Make Stations

Create different stations too; do not be afraid to get a little creative. Separate the bins by either family member or season. Make sure it is easily identifiable and easy to get to as well. There is no point in creating storage space that is a hassle to reach; this will just lead to extra clutter in no time since it is easy to leave things lying out if it is a pain to put away.

5. Overhead Storage

A great space to utilize in a garage is the overhead area. Purchase a bike rack or hanging rack to store extra bins and use every square inch of your garage. You can create overhead cabinets, chests, or wall storage as well. Put the things you do not need as much access to up high.

6. Know Your Garbage

Before you toss anything, make sure to check with your city’s sanitation department to find out how to dispose of select items. Be aware that there are often times additional recycling fees associated with certain oils and solvents.

7. Consider a Shed

If you still have a lot of items you cannot part with and having trouble finding space in the garage, consider purchasing a shed or an alternative storage facility. This makes more room for the daily essentials in the garage and can be useful as additional storage in the back for the things you do not access as much, for example the lawnmower in the wintertime or snow blower in the summer.

Do you have any tips of your own that you do not see on the list? Please share them with us on the comments or our Facebook or Twitter pages! We love hearing your suggestions for new and creative ideas.

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