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17 Gifts Dad Will Love For Father’s Day 2017

June 16, 2017

It can be quite difficult to shop for Dad on Father’s Day. Whether you are looking to make a big purchase for Dad or you are making him something by hand, here are 17 gift ideas that will ensure a great Father’s Day for your family.

Big Gifts

  • TV: Few things excite dads more than new technology. If it’s in the budget, go for a bigger TV with better picture quality than you already have for game day and post-work couch naps.
  • Car: Relieving car issues can be a huge weight off of Dad’s shoulders. Upgrade or get him a new car to make it the best Father’s Day ever! To make the day even more special, you can donate the old car to Wheels For Wishes, and enjoy the benefits of free towing and a 100 percent tax-deductible receipt!

Fun Gag Gifts

  • Campfire Fishing Pole: The trick to the perfect gag gift is for it to also be useful in a strange way. If your dad loves to fish, get him this fun campfire fishing pole for next time you are camping. He can roast hot dogs or marshmallows in a surprisingly convenient way!
  • Fridge Locker: With this fun tool, Dad won’t have to hide his treats anymore—he can lock them away right in the fridge.
  • Beverage Holster: He may laugh when he opens this gift, but don’t be surprised when he’s wearing it while grilling or golfing.
  • Mini Desk Golf: For his downtime at the office, Dad will appreciate getting to play his favorite game right on his desk.
  • Racetrack Massage Shirt: You can either buy or make this gift yourself. All you need to do is draw a racetrack cool enough for the kids to use on the back of Dad’s shirt. All he needs to do is lay on the floor while the kids massage his back with a racecar.

Useful Outdoor Gifts

  • Cooler: Give Dad a cooler that will excite him! Either buy him one with built-in speakers, a built in chair or get him one that is small and mobile enough to take on the go.
  • Cornhole Set: When all the family gets together at home or on camping trips, it’s fun to have yard games like this.
  • Lightweight Chair: Camping with the kids can be tiring. At the end of a long hike, it’s nice for Dad to have a comfortable place to sit. A lightweight chair is easy to carry, and great for your destination.
  • Flashlight: Chances are that your dad has lost a flashlight at some point. Give him a nice new one with long battery life.
  • Pocket Knife: If your dad already has one, give him an upgrade to try on the next camping trip.

Homemade Gifts

  • Leather Phone Case/Wallet: The key to the perfect homemade gift for Dad is practicality. It may be complicated to make, but all you need is a plastic phone case to work off of. Then, add in slots for his cards and cash. This will save space in his pockets.
  • Laptop Stand: For the times he is working at home or watching movies in bed, it’s nice to have a laptop stand to avoid the heat and make it easier to type. All you need is some plastic for the top and a nice firm cushion for the bottom. If you are really crafty, add a cup holder!
  • Bike Lunchbox: This is an easy gift to make, but it will be so useful for your dad. Just sew a small lunchbox that fits under the top bar of the frame without disturbing your pedaling and add Velcro straps.
  • Tie/Cord Rack: All you need for this easy homemade give is nice-looking wood and a bungee cord. Despite how easy it is to make, Dad will absolutely love having a place to hang his ties, his headphones and other easy-to-lose cords.
  • Swiss Army Keys: Nobody likes having keys in their pocket, carrying a lanyard or dealing with a jingling belt clip. Plus, no one likes dealing with sorting through keys every time they need to use one. All you need to make this brilliant, compact invention is two pieces of wood or plastic, a thin sheet of metal, screws, nuts, washers, glue and your dad’s keys. They will slip into his pocket like a stick of gum.
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