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10 Simple Ways To Celebrate Parents' Day

July 27, 2014

Whereas Mother’s Day and Father’s Day celebrate Mom and Dad individually, Parents’ Day is a holiday for celebrating all the work they do together as a team. The day was established in 1994 to recognize, uplift, and support the role of parents in raising their children, according to the Congressional Resolution that made it a holiday. Today is the perfect day to do something special together as a family and say “thank you” to your parents for all the work they do! If you need ideas for the day, we’ve created a list of simple ways to spend a little extra time together today and celebrate family.  

  • Work on a memory book or look at old family photos together. Making a scrap book of family memories is a fun way to reminisce together about good times and inspire ideas for future trips and activities.
  • Make a meal together. It’s a fun bonding experience and lets you use teamwork to get something done. Plus you get to eat together as a family. It can be hard to get everyone to eat dinner or even breakfast together because of different, busy schedules. Parents’ Day is a great reason to make time for each other and sit down for a meal together.
  • Bake something together. Like making a meal together, baking cookies, cake or your favorite treat together is another great way to spend time accomplishing something together. Plus you’ll have a delicious treat to look forward to at the end.
  • Say “Thank you!” On Parents’ Day, kids can simply take a moment to say thank you to their parents for all the hard work they do. Parents can take the day as an opportunity to thank each other too.
  • Have a picnic. If it’s a nice day, pack up the picnic basket and head to your favorite park together.
  • Make a family trip to the ice cream shop. The July heat is a perfect reason to treat yourselves to some refreshing ice cream. 
  • Take a break from technology. Make an extra effort today to spend less time absorbed in smart phones, TV or the computer and focus on spending the day together without those distractions.
  • Have a family game night. If your board games haven’t been played in a while tonight might be a great time to get them out.
  • Visit your parents or call if they don’t live nearby. Simply stopping in for part of the day or calling to say hello will brighten the day for your parents.
  • Help with chores around the house. If your parents get stuck doing all the chores around the house, today is a good time to step in and help them out. Big jobs like cleaning the whole house, doing lawn cleanup, or cleaning out the garage go much faster when everyone helps out.

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