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Donate Your Car To Wheels For Wishes In Dayton Ohio

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Donate your vehicle and arrange for easy pick-up and free towing.

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Help local children!

Hay field Did you know that Wheels For Wishes will come tow your car for free when you make a donation in Ohio? We offer free towing for donated vehicles anywhere in the state, including Dayton, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Akron, and Toledo.

Donating to Wheels For Wishes is also one of the easiest ways you can help your local Make-A-Wish Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana. The proceeds from vehicle donations are given to Make-A-Wish, which helps them grant more wishes for kids in your area.

How To Donate A Car In Dayton

That unwanted vehicle can be out of your garage and on its way to helping local kids faster than you thought possible. If you have a car you don’t want, just follow these easy steps to make a donation.

  • Call Wheels For Wishes at 1-855-891-9474 or fill out an online car donation form.
  • Our donation experts will help with any questions you may have about donating a car to charity. Whether you’re wondering about your car’s title, towing or tax deduction, we have answers for you.
  • We’ll schedule a convenient time for your vehicle to be picked up. Just let us know when and where to get the vehicle and we’ll be there.
  • Watch for your tax-deductible receipt to arrive in the mail. Save this and use it to claim a tax deduction on next year’s taxes.

Boy fishingBenefits Of Donating To Wheels For Wishes

Wheels For Wishes donors enjoy a lot of perks for their car donations. In addition, to free towing from anywhere, a car donation is also a great option for that vehicle you don’t want to try getting rid of yourself. Vehicles that no longer run or have other issues can be hard to get rid of. Rather than holding on to an RV, motorcycle, boat, old car or other vehicles that you may use one day, donate it instead! Unused vehicles can take up a lot of storage space that could be used for better things.

The best benefit of all is that your unwanted vehicle can make a difference for a local child. An old car or boat might not seem like much, but it becomes so much more than an unwanted vehicle when you donate it to Wheels For Wishes. The proceeds from your donation help Make-A-Wish Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana grant more wishes for kids in your community!


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