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Texas Vehicle Donation Title Questions and Helpful Information

Q:Where do I sign the Title?

A:On the back of the Title please sign in the section called Assignment of Title where it reads “Signature of Seller(s)” and next to that where it reads “Printed Name of Seller(s).”

Texas Title Example

Q:I paid off my car but there is still a lienholder listed?

The lienholder should have provided a Lien Release or completed the Lien Release section on Title when it was paid off. If a Lien Release is required please contact your financial institution. We will request one if necessary directly from the bank or other financial institution on your behalf but may need a written authorization and copy of your driver’s license.

Q:What do I put down for the Buyer?

A:We prefer it be left blank along with the odometer reading as the processing partner will record the exact reading at time of processing and handle the buyer and dealer license information.

Information that is provided by the processing partner may be put in the buyer section.

Q:Can I still donate if I can’t find my Title?

A:We will still attempt to process your donation without the title, though the process may be a bit more complicated.

Duplicate Title Form:

Q:I’m donating the vehicle on behalf of Deceased loved one, what do I need to provide?

A:If One Owner – A copy of the Death Certificate and notarized Affidavit of Heir are needed. Heir must sign title or POA.

If Joint Tenant With Right of Survivorship (JTWROS) – Survivor must sign title and provide copy of Death Certificate.

If Probated – Letters of Testamentary/Administration along with the title signed by executor are required.

Q:How do I release the liability and what do I do with my plates?

A:In the state of Texas, liability is released when the donor completes the Vehicle Transfer Notification through the Texas DMV, as this form notifies the state that the donor has sold or assigned the vehicle elsewhere. Also, the donor will have to remove any license plates and registration stickers on the vehicle before the time of pick up because the Texas DMV requires these items to be surrendered either in person or by mail to the Texas Tax Assessor/Collector Office.

Q:Will you take a vehicle that has mechanical problems?

A:Vehicles are reviewed and sent to a processing partner, however if we are unable to find a buyer for the vehicle, we will have to unfortunately decline the donation.

*Boats, RV’s, ATV, Campers or industrial equipment are taken on a case by case basis*

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