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Is Wheels For Wishes Environmentally Friendly?

Wheels For Wishes Is Environmentally Friendly

Is Wheels For Wishes Environmentally Friendly?

When you donate your vehicle to Wheels For Wishes you might not know just how much good you did through Wheels For Wishes! When you donate your older model inoperable car you are recycling your car instead of junking it. If you donate a higher value car, CDF will attempt to sell it at auction and find it a new owner. Recycling has a huge impact on today’s world as we are not slowing down our production of materials and waste. Americans have become more green when it comes to recycling from their own homes through metals, paper, plastics, and glass. There are so many plus sides to recycling your car and although car recycling has become more popular, some people might not know the reasons why recycling your car is such a great thing to do!

Don’t Junk Your Car

When you junk your car you might be contributing to multiple forms of pollution. The benefits of recycling your car far outweigh the negatives and there is no better cause to donate your car than to help grant wishes for kids in need. Here are some of the pollutants you might be contributing to if you decide to junk your car:

Wheels For Wishes Environmentally Friendly

  • By junking your car you are allowing for the deterioration of your vehicle into local aquatic life. Metals such as lead, chrome, zinc, copper, mercury, aluminum, arsenic, nickel and other toxic materials are allowed to flow into nearby natural water formations, such as lakes and rivers, through storm water run off. These deteriorating metals can be extremely harmful to the surrounding wildlife and can even diminish the soil quality.
  • In older cars there is a substance called MtBE, which is known to have contaminated some water supplies. Older junkyards still have cars with MtBE. MtBE is found in older versions of gasoline and is toxic.
  • All of the liquids in your car can eventually leak out and cause problems for the surrounding ecosystem. The chemical known as petroleum hydrocarbon that is in gasoline, motor oil, transmission fluid and other areas of your car are toxic to aquatic life and anything surrounding the area (birds, amphibians, plant life). These petroleum hydrocarbons have a much better chance of contaminating ground water and moving to other bodies of water via runoff.
  • Batteries carry enough acid to kill surrounding organisms and plant life due to the soil contamination that occurs. The acids in batteries work as a pure soil contaminant that can affect plant life in the human food chain.
  • Some of the solids produced by your car can get in the way of the natural sunlight that the ecosystem needs. This in turn can affect water temperature which can throw off the entire ecosystem.

Be Environmentally Friendly!

Wheels For Wishes Environmentally Friendly


When you donate your car to Wheels For Wishes you are making the earth a better place to live! Cutting pollutants from entering the environment helps every aspect of the ecosystem around us. Don’t add toxins to our environment, be environmentally conscious! There are many steps you can take to be green but not many are as easy as a Wheels For Wishes car donation. Just look up our Wheels For Wishes reviews on Trustpilot!


Donate Your Car Today

If you'd like to recycle an old vehicle or you are on the fence between donating and selling your vehicle, look no further!

Benefiting Make-A-Wish through Wheels For Wishes is easy. Call today for a quick and easy tow away and help grant some wishes!

  • Your free tow away helps Make-A-Wish kids in need all over the country.
  • Call 1-855-278-9474 today to donate your car today. If you’d like you can even fill out an online donation form.
  • For any questions or concerns please visit our Car Donation FAQ page. Wheels For Wishes is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit car donation organization so your donation is 100% tax deductible.
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