We're still accepting vehicle donations, but subject to change if necessary.
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Hassle-Free Car Pick-Up

Young boy holding a sign that says wish You can make a local child’s wish come true with a simple car donation. Donate that rusty old vehicle sitting in the driveway, and stop paying insurance and registration. Eliminate the costs for a car that rarely if ever gets used and get a great tax deduction by supporting Make-A-Wish®. Your donation helps not only the children but the environment as well by recycling your car!

When you donate your car to charity, you are eligible for an itemized charitable tax deduction on your federal tax return. Review our donation FAQs or call your tax advisor for more information regarding the car donation tax deduction. We pick the car up, handle all the details and make it a whole lot easier than putting an expensive ad in the paper, taking repeated phone calls, showing your car over and over again or haggling over the sales price. Dealers rarely offer a good price for trade-ins, but making a wish come true is priceless. Even better, we pick up the car free of charge too! Your donation helps grant the wish of a local child between the age of 2 1/2 and 18 with a critical illness.

There are many reasons to donate your car to the Wheels For Wishes car donation program. We are an IRS-approved 501(c)(3) organization, which allows you to get the most from your vehicle donation tax deduction.