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(Also relevant to boat, RV, truck, SUV, and motorcycle)

Your car donation will help make the difference in the life of a local child. Upon receipt of your completed form, you will be contacted by our staff within 24 hours of the next business day. If you have any questions please call us at: 1-877-431-9474.

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Next step: Your contact information will be sent to our closest towing partner, and they will contact you directly to make pick up arrangements. A receipt of pick up will be provided by the tow partner, but the tax-deductible charitable receipts will be sent by us once the vehicle has been processed.

If you have not been contacted within 2 business days by our towing partner please contact us at 1-877-431-9474.

Please visit our vehicle donation FAQ for answers to the most commonly asked questions regarding your donation or call us anytime at 1-877-431-9474.

There are two simple questions that can help us make the experience better for all of our donors. Please take a moment and let us know how we can improve.

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I donated my car to help Make-A-Wish I donated my car to help local kids

Our car donation program takes cars, boats (with trailer), RVs, trucks, SUVs, or motorcycles, whether running or not. The sale of your vehicle directly benefits your local Make-A-Wish®. Wheels For Wishes is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) charity who works with your local Make-A-Wish to help them accept vehicle donations. We offer free pickup or towing and will issue a tax deductible receipt in relation to your vehicle donation.

On rare occasion, we find that some vehicles, primarily boats and RV’s, are not cost-effective. This will hinder our main goal, which is helping Make-A-Wish. We do our absolute best to make the most of every vehicle donated, but reserve the right to turn down a vehicle for any reason. Please call us at 1-877-431-9474 with any questions regarding your donation. Thank you for your understanding.