Often times people put off trips because they are nervous of the dent it will put in their wallet. There is no reason, however, that you cannot have a fun and memorable time while also being budget savvy in places like Sioux Falls and Rapid City. With these tips you can get the experience and enjoyment you expect from a vacation without clearing your bank account.

1. Mount Rushmore and the Black Hills

It is not a trip to South Dakota without a stop at the Mount-Rushmore National Memorial. Stop by and take a moment (or several) to admire the craftsmanship painstakingly carved into the mountainside. After, take time to explore and hike the surrounding Black Hills, which provides more than 300 miles of trails. The best part of this day trip is that it is free!

2. Take a road trip

Even though gas prices are at a national high this summer, if you pack a car full of your friends or family and split the cost of gas, you are still saving a ton of money on plane tickets. When you drive to your location instead of flying as well, you save on the added transportation costs of getting around in the destination city. Instead of having to rent a car or pay for public transportation, you can use your own vehicle.

3. Pack Your Own Meal

Since the dining at destination sites such as Mount Rushmore tends to be overpriced, take time to pack a picnic. You will not only get to take in more of the nature and serenity of the national park, but save some serious dollars on a costly meal.

4. Badlands National Park

With over 244,000 acres of nature and wildlife, the Badlands National Park is another great and cheap stop for your South Dakota adventure! About 75 miles south of Rapid City, you can find some great deals on hotels here too and at a great value. The region offers villas with some of the most remarkable views of the state.

5. Lewis and Clark National Memorial

Another free outdoors site is the Lewis and Clark National Memorial where you and your group can hunt, fish, take guided tours or visit some of the surrounding shops, wineries, or art galleries.

South Dakota is a great destination to spend your days biking, hiking, camping, or just enjoying the peaceful serenity of nature with a good book. There is something for everyone, and at a reasonable price! Do you feel like we missed on some must-dos or sees? Leave a comment with your suggestion below or on our Facebook page!