If you are waiting for the green ecofriendly fad to pass, you may be out of luck. Living an environmentally friendly lifestyle is much more than a trend; it is a way of life that everyone is best learning to embrace. If you are looking for inspiration and reasons to kick you into gear and begin your eco-friendly lifestyle, we have 6 of them.

1. Your Water Bill

By updating your toilets, you can save up to five or six gallons of water per flush. This is because toilets made before 1982 consume about six-to-seven gallons a flush compared to the modern ones, which only use a little over one gallon per flush.

2. Your Electric Bill

Making little changes like energy saving light bulbs can cut down your electricity bill by up to 15% off each month. That sure adds up! Not only that, but the bulbs last much longer meaning you spend less of your energy changing them.

3. Your Gas Bill

By tinting your car windows you can cut back on energy needed air-condition your vehicle. The same applies to your home. It helps cut back on the sunrays coming in and lowers the natural temperature of your space. Plus a new Act in 2005 says that you can get a tax credit for the costs of tinting your window. Check it out at Bankrate.com.

4. The Animals

Yes, you’ve been preached it before but it is true that the climate changes are hurting or endangering many species. So if not for the money, go green for the Ringed Seals, the Arctic Foxes, the Beluga Whales, the Koala Bears, or the Flamingos. All of those animals have been impacted by the weather and are now in danger of going extinct.

5. The Rainforests

By recycling and purchasing recycled products, you can save entire ecological landscapes. Since 1960 when recycling took off, global timber harvests have increased by 60 percent. It takes approximately 24 trees to produce just one ton of printing and writing paper. Remember, 80% of items in your home may be recyclable! Help cut down on the use of natural resources.

6. Your Kids. And Their Kids

Whether you are skeptical or not, there is significant evidence that major changes are happening to our planet. Coastlines are shifting, seasonal patterns are changing, and carbon dioxide emissions have increased 20% since 1990. Without making the necessary transitions in our lifestyles, however big or small, we may be jeopardizing the future of our planet. The depletion of ozone layers, for example, can cause extreme issues for future generations with which they may have to deal.

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Recycle Your Car And Give Back

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