It may come as no surprise that the number one wish for Make-A-Wish is a trip to Disney World. However, below are some things you may not have known about America’s favorite playground. These facts range from shocking, to unbelievable, to just plain weird!

  1. Disney World has a staff of about 62,000 actors, crew, servicemen, etc. That is almost double the population of neighborhoods such as West Hollywood, Los Angeles!
  2. In acreage, all of The Walt Disney World Resort is roughly the size of San Francisco, but only about 35% of its 27,000 acres has been developed.
  3. Mickey Mouse has more than 290 different costumes he rotates threw. That’s enough wardrobe changes to make even diva Mariah Carey jealous!
  4. The staff of Disney World collectively does 18,890 loads of laundry every single day! Oh my tide!
  5. Ever lost something at Disney World? Well you would not be alone! Since 1971, there has been an estimated 1.65 million pairs of sunglasses turned into lost and found. Other figures for lost and found include an annual collection of 6,000 cell phones, 3,500 digital cameras, and 18,000 hats.
  6. The weirdest things ever found? There have been lost and found reports of a glass eye, a potty trainer, and a prosthetic leg. All three of which were eventually claimed!
  7. The biggest theme park is Disney’s Animal Kingdom, which covers 403 acres. The Tree of Life, located at the center of the park, is 14 stories high!
  8. Walt Disney had an apartment built inside of Cinderella’s Castle that he intended to use as an apartment for his family and himself. When he died it was left unfinished but in 2006 it was turned into a deluxe suite given to a randomly chosen family every day.
  9. Inside the suite is 24-karat gold tile floors and a television designed to resemble the “magic mirror” from Cinderella.
  10. Main Street, USA is inspired by the hometown of Walt Disney located in Marceline Missouri.

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