With the nation heating up with some record breaking temperature in many regions, it’s important to be savvy with how to keep a safe and cool vehicle.

1. Never leave children or pets in a closed car.

Each year there are a sad number of deaths reported from cases of children and pets being locked in a closed car on a scorching day. Never take a chance, if it feels even a little balmy outside, opt for playing it safe rather than sorry. If you need to run errands and it is a hassle to unstrap children for quick trips inside of a store, call a baby sitter. The dog can stay home, too. If you do decide to take a quick jaunt inside, always leave the window open with adequate fresh air and circulation for any passengers inside of the vehicle.

2 Park in the Shade

This may seem obvious, but this can help keep your car several degrees cooler in the summer. You may be hit with a few bird droppings, but you end up with a much cooler car in the end!

3. Track the Sun

If you can’t park in the shade, try to use the path of the sun to pick the best spot. Try to park in a direction where the sun will hit the rear of your car versus the driver’s or passenger’s spots.

4. Keep Emergency Items in Your Car

Keep spare items in your vehicle for emergency summer time situations.

  • Bottled water
  • Snacks
  • A first aid kid
  • A cell phone

5. Keep Your Car Serviced

Your car may need extra care in dry climates. Keep up to date on oil changes and fluid checks. Make sure your battery is good and have your air bags and seat belts checked to make sure everything is functioning properly.

If you have a car that may seem un-drivable or unsafe, selling, trading, recycling, or donating your vehicle could be the smartest route. The money back from the sale or tax-deduction could be a great investment to a new, safer and seasonal friendly car!

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