Being a dad is hard work, which is why we have a day dedicated to telling dads that they’re appreciated and loved. Dads can be tough to buy gifts for, but it can often be more meaningful and memorable to simply spend the day with him doing the things he loves. There are many ways to have a great Father’s Day without having to spend any money on a gift; consider spending the day in one of the ways listed below to show dad how much you appreciate him. 

Ask Your Dad To Teach You Something

All dads are great at something, and you’ll fill him with pride if you show interest in learning about the thing he loves most. Some dads enjoy activities that no one else in the family shows an interest in. Today is a great opportunity to sit back and listen, with genuine interest, as he teaches you his hobby.

Go Geocaching

Geocaching is a great reason to get outside and go on an adventure. With geocaching you never know where you will go or what you will find. And you don’t have to live by a woods or park: Plenty of geocache sites are in urban areas too. For those who are unfamiliar with geocaching, it’s a treasure hunting game in which, using a GPS device, you navigate to find hidden containers that other geocachers have hidden and filled with “treasures.” Each container has precise GPS coordinates so that you can find it, but they’re often hidden beneath or inside of things to make the adventure more challenging. Typically each person who finds a geocache adds a small token – something like a trinket, coin, or sticker – to the container for the next geocacher to find. Check out the official geocaching website for all the information you’ll need.

Make A Card

It can be difficult for some people to say how they feel, so writing it in a card or letter can be an alternative. Plus, dad can save the card and read it again and again.

Join Him In His Favorite Way To Spend The Day

Does your dad have an outdoor hobby or love a sports team that’s playing on Sunday? Ask him if he’d like to do one of those things together as a family. Does he have a favorite restaurant or recipe? Treat him to his favorite meal today. However you go about it, let him know this day is all about him.

Make It A Family Affair

You probably know more than one dad in your family. Make this day a celebration for everyone who’s a dad, whether they’re a brother, grandfather, uncle, or husband. Don’t forget about step-dads or a man you look up to as a father figure today – he deserves appreciation too!

Help With Chores, Or Do Chores For Him

Summer weather is here, which means there are things to do around the house. Even if home is an apartment, you can bet there will be projects to do. If you have a yard, offer to help dad with picking up sticks, raking, or mowing. If you have a garage or shed, offer to help your dad clean it out to make room for projects or the family car. If the space in your garage or shed is inaccessible because of an old vehicle that never gets used, why not clear up some room and donate that car to Wheels For Wishes, benefiting Make-A-Wish? Dad will love the extra space in the garage and the tax deduction too. It’s quick and easy to donate either by filling out an online car donation form or calling 1-877-431-9474 today.

Create Memories Today

Whatever you do today, focus on creating memories with your dad. Gifts are nice, but quality time spent together can be treasured for a lifetime. If you consider donating a car to Wheels For Wishes this Father’s Day, just think of all the good that donation will cause. Your donation goes towards granting the wishes of children who are facing critical illnesses, and when they get their wishes granted they will form memories that they can treasure forever.