chicago in spring

Kermit had it right when he sang, “it’s not easy being green”. Though I try to make a conscious effort to live an environmentally friendly lifestyle, it is far too easy to absentmindedly leave lights on, run the shower an extra few minutes to get it hot, or idle the car to run the air conditioning on a hot summer day.

As a girl fresh out of college living in the cozy Lincoln Park neighborhood nestled just outside of downtown Chicago, it is easy to place conveniences and efficiency over an environmentally conscious lifestyle. Though public transportation is abundant in the form of the subway and city buses, the ease of hailing a cab can be all too alluring.

Though these 80-degree days causing freshly freckled skin in the wake of March are in many ways a godsend, it makes me wonder what type of consequences it will have on the rest of the animal kingdom. It is hard to enjoy a sun-soaked Sunday afternoon when it may be coming at the expense of an entire species. Since I cannot undo the footprint made from centuries of industrial living, I can make a conscious effort each day to reduce my own environmental impact.

Instead of throwing away old items, I will donate them. Instead of driving to a Cubs game, I will take a bus to Wrigleyville. Each day I will become more conscious of easy switches in my life that I can make that may not always help the environment necessarily, but do less to hurt it.

I invite you to go on this journey with me and share your tips or advice. Share pictures of your own do-it-yourself projects or easy suggestions to reduce my ecological footprint. I will do the same. As I try new things, I will describe my experience and whether the transitions are easy and effortless, or more of a challenge to incorporate.

My hope is that my blog is informative and entertaining, as well as inspiring. Even if we are all secretly thanking global warming for its possible gift of a mild winter and early spring, having a fruitful crop season or a healthy polar bear population is so much more rewarding!